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Canadian Visa App

The group of specialists at Canadian Visa App have been working together for many years helping both families and individuals to successfully apply for a Permanent Resident Visa to Canada.

Our mission is to give you a high level of professional services at an affordable price so you and your family can have the opportunity for a better future living in Canada.

Canadian Visa App clients receive outstanding customer service from our well-trained support agents who provide assistance and information in English, French and other major languages.

We are proud to work with Canadian immigration consultant Mr. Ramin Khodaie who has the training, experience and certification required to guide Canadian Visa App clients through each step of the procedure, from the eligibility assessment to applying for permanent residency.

The Information Technology professionals of Canadian Visa App have developed a proprietary platform that makes it easy for you to quickly complete your online Assessment Applications using your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

All you have to do is complete your assessment, learn about your options, and then start the procedure that best matches your profile!

Why Choose Us?

You could try to apply for immigration to Canada by yourself for free, so why choose us?

There are several Canadian immigration programs that offer permanent residency to skilled immigrants and their families who meet the eligibility requirements and complete the procedure successfully; however, each program has different criteria and procedures, which makes it really challenging to apply on your own. For example, should you apply for the Federal Skilled Worker Program, Federal Skilled Trades Program, Quebec Skilled Worker Program, or one of the 11 Provincial Nominees Programs? Do you qualify for Express Entry immigration to Canada and how do you apply?

It’s a good idea to know from the very beginning which specific Canadian immigration program you qualify to apply for, rather than waste your time and effort applying for a program that you’re not even eligible for.

What exactly do you need to do during each stage of the lengthy Canadian immigration procedure?

There is no need for you to guess, when authorized Canadian immigration consultants can lead you confidently every step of the way.

The group of specialists at Canadian Visa App can provide you and your family will high-quality professional services to make immigration to Canada a much easier process and help you to avoid needless mistakes, delays and frustration from struggling on your own.

Our Assessment Application is simple, quick and convenient to complete using your desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

We make our services affordable for you and your family with competitive pricing and installment payments using secure payment methods, including major credit cards and alternative payment options.

You can find out if you qualify for a Canadian visa program, which program is right for you, and how many points you could receive for the Federal Skilled Worker Program. Authorized Canadian immigration consultants will guide you and explain exactly what to do at each stage of the process, make sure that forms are filed correctly and that they include all of the required documents.

Our well-trained support team, working closely with the immigration consultants, will provide you with all of the information you need, answer your questions, and update you about the status of your case.

When the Canadian visa decision is received, you will be informed promptly and given additional instructions.

In other words, you and your family can enjoy many advantages by choosing Canadian Visa App professional services!


Authorized Consultant

Canadian Visa App subcontracts Parsis Immigration Services to provide eligibility assessments and other professional services to clients.

These services are performed according to our Terms of Use (Authorized Representatives section) and according to the terms and conditions of Parsis Immigration Services.

Please note that Canadian Visa App is not an agent of Parsis Immigration Services or its consultant.

Parsis Immigration Services is managed by Mr. Ramin Khodaie who is a registered consultant with the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants (RCIC Number R413351) and the Registre Québécois des Consultants en Immigration (RCQI Number 11427), who has over 10 years of experience guiding people through the Canadian immigration procedure.

As an “Authorized Representative” according to Canadian immigration law, Mr. Khodaie is permitted to provide professional services for immigration to Canada and may represent individuals and families in a variety of Canadian immigration issues before federal and provincial government officials.

Disclaimer: Canadian Visa App is an international private company that has no relationship to the Canadian government or the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants (CICC) or the Registre Québécois des Consultants en Immigration and is not a member or agent of the CICC or the Registre Québécois des Consultants en Immigration. Canadian Visa App is not a law firm and does not and cannot offer legal advice. The general information provided on the website is not and should not be considered as immigration advice or legal advice. Please note that Canadian Visa App does not and cannot issue any visa to Canada and cannot approve anyone for Canadian permanent residency. The Government of Canada has the sole authority and responsibility to approve individuals for a Canadian visa, immigration to Canada or Canadian permanent residency.